April 18, 2024

BoyFun: Brief Encounter with Richard Hicks & Victor Vittu

Sporty blond boy Richard Hicks is the kind of hottie who loves underwear, his collection is considerable and he really loves the brands that show off his hot little ass and his tempting cock bulge when he’s getting changed in the gym. He’s trying out some new purchases in this new BoyFun video, but he has no idea that a horny local voyeur twink is at his window enjoying the live show.

Sexy little spy Victor Vittu clearly doesn’t know Richard too well, if he did he’d know that this gorgeous young man is always happy to invite another boy inside for some cock play. Needless to say, when Richard catches the twink spying he doesn’t hesitate to bring the twink inside for some fun where he quickly has Victor stripped to his undies, and soon totally naked!

With their young cocks on display and growing ever harder the two new friends start to explore, stroking dicks and sucking each other tentatively. The oral enjoyment these two stunning young guys engage in is only beaten by the sight of Victor easing his naked uncut dick into that tight little rump and fucking his new friend with short jabs. It’s clear the boy has to take it slow because that hot young piece of ass is just so tight it might have his cock exploding cum any moment!

Thankfully both boys know how to pace themselves, moving from doggy to riding, with Richard sliding up and down on that delicious young dong while his own gorgeous dick throbs in his stroking fist. Laying down to spoon fuck Richard furiously wanks his big young cock, splashing semen from his helmet while his friend continues to pump his hole, eventually made to pull out and add his own copious cum splashes to his new friend’s smooth stomach. And to think all this began because curious little Victor couldn’t help but spy on the boy!

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