May 23, 2024

Real Cam: Daniel DeLuca and Dillon Anderson

RealCam brings you deep inside our boy’s private, porny moments, right from their personal phones! In this installment, cute twink, Daniel DeLuca gets worked over GOOD by hot, hunky Dillon Anderson. The tattooed twink slayer sizzles, sending shivers up Daniel’s spine, tantalizing with tender touch. Then, he eats that ass like an animal, and gives us his perfect, pervy POV, up close and personal! The stud adjusts his junk in his basketball shorts, as Deluca’s dick hungry hole has him standing at attention. He fingers the boy’s beautiful butt, tosses his shorts to the side, then slaps his big cock on that ass! Once shoved balls beep, the sexy stud gives us that glorious POV, and keeps right on pounding. This twink worker wows the boy with his moves, circling his cock in deep, then flipping the fine lil’ fuck over to give us a close up, ass smashing angle. Dillon dicks the dude down, and keeps in complete control with every cock-thick stroke. After bangin’ the boy out on his back, he points, ordering DeLuca onto his stomach, where he fills his fuck hole with lube, works it in with thick fingers, then pounds the pretty boy out till his nut explodes all OVER those ample cheeks! Anderson opens that epic ass up for a close up Then, DeLuca hops back on the D, and jacks his juicy jock till he glazes it, completely covering his cock with an incredible amount of cum, in a perfect CLOSE UP!

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