June 12, 2024

French Twinks: Vice Kitchen episode 3

The strong and perverse methods of the Chef, including the incredible orgy he organized (see Episode 2) seem to had a positive effect on Jules and Corentin, our couple of restaurateurs. The two bosses are finally reconciled, business is doing better and they decide to celebrate the beginning of their success. Jules and Corentin clink, then kiss passionately and undress.

The huge cock of Jules forms a bulge in his boxers and Corentin is quick to release the monster to start to jerk and suck it. Jules delights in this deep-throat blowjob and presses on his boyfriend’s head to get his cock swallowed even more deeply. Jules stands up and invites Corentin to offer him his little ass.

A brief fingering prepares the tight hole of Corentin and then Jules, too eager to fuck him, grabs his cock and penetrates him. From this moment nothing will stop Jules in his momentum. He literally pounds Corentin by sending him long and powerful cocks shot. The cries of Corentin reason in the empty dining room and the more he moans more Julius fuck him.

Jules is on the edge of cumming and Corentin is exhausted but the two boys are too happy to have re-found their lost passion decide to continue their intercourse. It’s now lying on a table that Corentin gets fucked wildly by Jules who is totally unleashed and will ends sprinkling on his balls in several jets of hot cum.

Watch Jules & Corentin in Vice Kitchen episode 3

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