July 12, 2024

Freshmen 109: Tom Rogers

One desire to lead them all. Hobbits, Elves and Men are the three general classes that portray Belami’s young men. Pip is a hobbit – little charming and charming – Nils an Elf – tall lean and provocative. This Belami newcomer, Tom, is all Man – good looking, athletic and strong.

George is the questioner for the opening video-expertly motivating Tom to open-up. The performance segment begins off in the shower and closures with Tom fingering his very own can until he cums. A short time later, he can’t oppose having an essence of his endeavors. Really? Tomís no-nonsense presentation will be in three weeks as a feature of the BelAmiOnline 25th commemoration extraordinary.

Watch Tom Rogers on Freshmen.com

Tom Rogers’ scene isn’t the only action in Freshmen #109 — read our post about Sven & Orri and their two-part scene.

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