June 22, 2024

8teenboy: Morning Meal

When blond babe Julian Bell wakes up next to brunette boy toy Milo Harper with his big hands wrapped around the orgasmic olive skinned twink, he immediately gets this magnificent morning started off with a BANG! He kisses the swarthy schlong sire's sinewy torso and pulls at his undies, allowing the big beast to breath a bit before wrapping his peen hungry pie hole around it's fullness.

Our beautiful blond is rockin' some severe morning wood as well; so, he pulls his black briefs down and, allows his ample appendage to bounce out right next to Milo's waiting mouth! Harper handles the blond's big boner with a hand on the boy's bangin' butt cheek as Julian jacks his brunette boy's massive boner. Not wanting to be late for school, Blondie slides his slender build between his bronze boy's legs and breaks in his back door bareback! The pretty pair kiss and moan as Bell's big, bust filled balls slap Milo's meaty ass with every erotic thrust.

The high school sweethearts switch it up and Bell gets banged like a dirty dog on all fours. Milo massages his MASSIVE manhood in and out of Bell's nearly too tight, twink tush until his guy's insides have adjusted and then, Harper puts the penis pedal to the metal, slamming his thick schlong while Julian's jock jumps for joy down below!

The couple tag team their taut tunnels once more and Julian is about to ring Milo's booty bell like a BOSS! He lays on his side while Harper backs that ass up right in line with Bell's big beef stick. Julian Jimmy's his juicy jock back in where it belongs as Milo beats his meat, taking a look back at his beautiful butt banging boyfriend whenever his eyes aren't rolled back in his head.

The heat rises and brings Harper's hog to a boil, breaking the lust levee on his extra large love loin. His white hot nut looks intoxicating against that beautiful brown skin, causing Bell's bone to burst! He drops his load all over Harper's hind end and the orgasmic ooze drips down the dude's properly fucked derrire until Julian jams it deep inside Harper's hot hole with his still raging hard, horned up, ass punching pole!

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