June 23, 2024

Cocky Boys: More Before the Afterglow with Josh & Wess

Wess Russel and Josh Moore investigate foreplay with a crude, unusual curve! Wess is no honest yet this is his first experience being tied with ropes and he’s energized by it from the begin, particularly since Josh is going overwhelm him.

The sensual feel of the shibari rope subjugation and Josh’s touch gets Wess hard and he truly needs to suck him. Yet, he’s immobilized…and Josh demands going first. He gives Wess head sufficiently only to make him go and afterward he gives his whole rooster to his enthusiastic mouth.

Josh before long returns to sucking Wess and turning him around to edge his enormous ripped ass. At last Josh gets Wess into position and gives him the screwing he’s been wanting, regularly utilizing his rope tackle to control him.

He slides Wess down from the vast headboard to penetrate him on his stomach. Josh doesn’t keep down and Wess cherishes it…and tells him it. Josh turns him on his side and blends in some mauling alongside his butt beating before he changes course, kisses Wess carefully and unfastens his arms.

Josh blends energy with his beating as he gets Wess on his back however spares the best for last. He pulls up Wess’ legs to get the muscle base into one of his most loved positions: the heap driver. What’s more, Josh ensures Wess likes it before lying him down to complete him off.

Then, Josh screws Wess until the point that he detonates over himself. It isn’t well before Josh shoots over Wess’ muscles as yet shimmering with his own cum. After sex escalated with servitude they just couldn’t be more fulfilled.

Go watch Josh & Wess in the latest scene from More Before the Afterglow!

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