July 12, 2024

School Slammer

Riley Finch has been a bad boy at school and had to stay after for detention as a result. Lucky for him, he has tasty twink Trevor Harris waiting for him when he finally arrives home. Being the good boyfriend he is, Harris offers to take Riley’s mind off his school day from hell with a little sexual healing. Finch totally forgets about detention and instantly focuses on his big dicked boy toy who’s already got his tongue down his throat and a hand on his crotch. Riley is ripe for the picking and raring to go and! He climbs on top of Trevor who slides his huge hands down the dude’s pants to grab a fistful of ass. Riley inches his was down Harris’ hot body, kissing his chiseled six pack as an appetizer to the dude’s thick dick which he’s about to destroy. Riley runs his tongue down the sides of the stretched out schlong while deep throating as much of the massive meat he can fit down his groin hungry gullet. After the hard work Finch put into Harris’ huge hog, he’s confident his cock deserves some attention too. He stands up with a bulging crotch that beckons Trevor to take a taste. Harris goes ham on the boy’s boner, slamming his cock sucker all the way down while cupping Riley’s smooth caboose ’round the back. Hard and horny Finch tells Trevor he’s “ready to ride your dick!” The guys whip their pants from around their ankles at lightning speed and Harris grabs his guy AND his groin and guides Finch onto his fat phallus for the raw ride of his life! Moans of pleasure, lip smacking wet kisses and rhythmic ramming on the leather couch fill the air as Harris hammers his bad boy every which way. Then, in a sexy surprise, bottom boy Riley turns top and, quite a good one! After all, he DOES have some delicious equipment! The now top twink tears Trevor’s tight tunnel UP, smashing his sizable salami in Harris’ hot little hole while caressing his smooth flesh. Our beautiful bottom let’s ramming Riley know he’s getting close and Riley takes the massive matter into his own hand, giving Harris a reach around till his giant jock spits it’s white hot spunk all over the black couch. Finch let’s the spitting, extra large love lance loose only to grab his own. He hoses Harris’ arched back down with a lusty load of dick then, shoves his throbber back in to deliver the rest of it’s wet wrath. The dynamic duo kiss full on the lips then fall back on the cum covered leather couch in post coital/post detention bliss.


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