July 12, 2024

Home Alone

Sebastian Fox has been crushing on super cute classmate Jack Phillips who happens to have the biggest bulge in school. Sebastian’s parents are out for a few hours so, the horny high schooler decides to invite juicy Jack over for some fun. Phillips is totally down to fuck and the well endowed guys get right down to business, cramming ALL they can into their limited time alone. Being a polite guest, Jack jumps on Fox’s fat cock first. He sucks down the impressive after school snack for all he’s worth before Sebastian’s cock curiosity gets the best of him. After months of day dreaming about the dude’s dick, Jack finally peels off his pants and his big rig reality is even better than Fox’s fat phallus fantasy! The dude’s dong nearly dangles out the bottom of his boxer briefs! Sebastian is completely dicknotized AND horned up as HELL! Jack and that dream dick straddle Sebastian’s pretty mug and he feeds him cock exactly like he has countless times before in his wildest wet dreams. Not wanting the magic wand out of sight, Fox tells Phillips to take a seat on his long, hard schlong. Jack inches his amazing ass back a bit and allows his classmate’s raw monster to slide right up his tight teen tunnel. Fox cups the dude’s dunk as he rides him raw with that big beasty bone bouncing inches from his pretty face. Remembering they have to squeeze ALL they can into a tight time frame, Jack slides behind his new boy toy and slips inside the beautifully smooth back door to do some delicious damage with that thick dick! Fox’s tight twink tush can only take so much of Phillips’ mega-meat plus, his big boner wants another taste of Jack’s juicy booty. So, he pins pretty boy down, knees to shoulders and buries his dick in deeper and deeper. Fox is a fuck machine, banging butt till Jack’s giant juices jizz all the way up his shredded torso. Fox fires his fuck load, coating his kissing classmate with buckets of fresh boy bust. The pretty pair kiss drenched in dick, content this is the first of many after school fucks.


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