June 12, 2024

Winter Break vol. 8: Slippery Slopes

Our hot, high school seniors have been cooped up in the ski cabin with salacious secrets far too long! Naturally, the dick swapping drama cums to a head in this episode of “Winter Break: Slippery Slopes!” Taylor Coleman finally realizes that his boyfriend and best friend, Riley Finch and Caleb Gray, have been bangin’ behind his back! Riley does his best to calm the hot tempered Taylor, but quickly realizes a three way romp may be better. So, he plants a kiss on Coleman, then motions for Caleb to join the party! While watching the best buddies make out, Riley makes his way down south to smooth the relationship rapids with a boyfriend blowjob. Once he’s confident his bf Taylor is 100% in, he works his side piece, Caleb’s cock deep into his cute kisser as well. The tripod tryst REALLY gets going when Caleb pipes up, letting Finch know he’d like a taste of that tight twink tush. Always down to have his derrire diddled, Riley slobs Taylor’s knob while Gray gorges on his gorgeous gluteus. With his rear wet and ready, Riley hops on his boy’s bareback bone for a bumpy good ride while Caleb cleans his bobbing beast for him. Gray finally gets the gonads to tell his best buddy Taylor, what he’s been dying to do. And that is, fuck the shit out of him! Cock sure Caleb bangs his buddy’s booty bareback while ramming Riley’s pretty face down the dude’s dick. Fuck junkie Finch gets got by our hot home wrecker next and, at Coleman’s request, “pounded like he deserves!” Big dicked Caleb crams every inch inside Riley’s rump while pushing the pretty boy deeper down on his bestie’s boner before the boyfriends turn the tables on Gray, and put HIM in the middle of the steamy spit roast! Nearly ready to nut, Coleman wants to dip his dick back in his boyfriend’s cakes. But, this time, Caleb ups the ante and corks his can with a finger as he’s busy crushing Finch’s fanny! With a dick doing delicious damage at each of his ends, Riley’s big rig is ready to roar! His oversized twink torpedo shoots, sending sex seed sailing all the way up to his collarbone! Gray juices his giant jock and jizzes all over Finch’s fiercely fuckable face, glazing the guy’s mug and eye with every ounce of liquid ammo he’s got! Enjoying the show, Taylor holds his load till last. But, the cheated on- sex bomb makes it count! He busts a devastating amount of hot, sticky, liquid dick ALL over both boys, drowning the cheating chaps nice and good! Spent and exhausted, Taylor thinks they’ve got this triangle business out of their system. However, Riley lets him know, he’s just getting revved up!


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