May 23, 2024

Smooth Boys

Twink titan, Trevor Harris has invited new dude, Charlie Flynn over to his place for some after school fun. The moment Harris closes his bedroom door, he realizes the newbie isn’t there to play video games, or any games at all! Cock charmer Charlie comes in hot, and plants a kiss on his host, letting him know what he’s there for. From then on, hottie Harris and the strawberry blond boy babe go balls to the wall! After tearing one another’s shirts off, Charlie works his way down Trevor’s tight torso with cock stiffening kisses. He takes his time unwrapping Trevor’s protruding package; then, he stuffs every thick inch of the guy’s girthy gift down his hungry gullet. Then, the uninhabited newbie gets completely naked, and crawls up Harris’ hot bod to fuck that pretty face of his. From this position, fuck boy Flynn is in the perfect place to ease his smooth ass back just a bit, and sit down on the dark haired dude’s uber, thick dick. After bouncing on Trevor’s bareback, bad boy a bit, Charlie returns the fuck favor, by slipping his own sizable schlong up Harris’ hot hole doggy style, giving his ass a well earned workout. Keepin’ it spicy, the pretty pair trade positions once more. Flynn gets fucked on his back, as Harris drives dick deep, using the newbie’s ankles to steer. This hits the hottie’s hot spot, and his beefy, white boy bone blows a sweet load all over his sexy, smooth stomach. Harris keeps hammering until his huge hog is ready to roar. He pulls out and adds even more pleasure to Charlie’s cum puddle, covering the dude with that delicious dick of his. Then, top dawg Trevor let’s go of his spent sex stick, which slaps down on Flynn’s fuck covered, twink torso with a thud. Trevor collapses onto his new friend, and kisses the cum covered cutie with sweet satisfaction.


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