April 18, 2024

Cream for Cody

School boys Milo Harper and Cody Wilson have been hot for each other all year long. When the final bell rings signaling summer break, the boys head to Cody’s to finally consummate their class room romance. The moment the door closes, the guys go for it, sucking face and ripping at clothes with months of pent up sexual tension. Cody’s heard the rumors about what Milo is packing; but, he’s definitely anxious to see for himself. He yanks Harper’s boxer briefs down and sees that the rumors are WAY more than justified! The tiny twink plants his pretty face in Harper’s crotch and worships his dong like a disciplined dick disciple. Lusted up and looming large, Milo is ready to prove his devotion to his lil’ dude as well. So, he tosses Cody’s knees up to his ears, then buries his tongue in the twink’s tight pleasure center. Open and ready, Cody calls out, “I want you to fuck me.” Always willing to please, Harper gives it to him…. in spades! He positions his uncut monster at the twink’s tight trench, then slowly splits him down the center. He makes his way slowly at first, as to not break the boy; but, soon enough, Cody’s cock pit opens up. Milo takes long, hard strolls through the boy’s back yard, allowing Wilson to feel every incredible inch he has to offer. Then, our top twink sits back on the couch like a cock boss and orders Wilson to ride his thick, thunder dick! Cody pops his clutch and shifts it into high gear, grinding up and down that groin like a real go getter. Wanting cock control back in his hands, Harper pulls behind bottom boy’s bumper and rear ends that hot hind end till Wilson’s uncut appendage cries with sweet release. Cumming up right behind him, Milo muscles out a MASSIVE load that completely covers Cody’s freshly cocked crevice. He knocks his cum covered cock head against Wilson’s flooded fuck hole before finishing with a heavy breathed kiss.


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