July 12, 2024

Vegas Bang

Let it all hang out on the Vegas strip with a luscious load of fine ass, Helix fan favs! After some sexy sight seeing with their buds, Calvin Banks and Aiden Garcia are left to their own devices; and, the dick heavy duo do NOT disappoint as they get deliciously dirty in the devil’s playground. The cock hungry hotties heat their hotel room up with a randy, handsy suck face session that sends expert schlong sucker, Vega south to do what he does best. He teases Banks’ beefy beast with some over the undies action, before his hummer hunger gets the best of him. He releases the big, beautiful beast right into his wet, warm, waiting schlong sucker, and massages the mega monster into his mouth, and deep down his throat. After a job well done, Banks pulls the pretty boy up by his face, plants a kiss on him, then gets aggressive on that ass! He rips Aiden’s sexy black boxer briefs open with one masculine move, exposing that beautiful bronze booty, AND hot, hungry, Latin hole! He offers the boy a seat on his super sized schlong; and, Landon jumps right on that D, keeping his shredded shorts on for extra added hotness. He bounces on Calvin’s colossal cock for a bit before Banks picks him up like a boss and tosses the beautiful bottom onto his back. Then, Banks busts those briefs open in front and sucks Vega’s ample, uncut cock deep down to the base! Hungry for more, the curly haired hottie throws the destroyed drawers to the side, then shoves his probing tongue in the tasty twink’s tail for an aggressive ass eating. Next, he smacks Vega’s spit slick hole with his hand, and pushes his thick, throbbing dick in till his balls hit bo ty. Banks bangs the breaks off the boy, causing Landon’s extra large love lance to launch a lusty load, mid smash! BUT, our boy is no quitter! He keeps right on taking the thick dick thrashing like a hog hungry champ, accepting every inch of cock crammed in his can! Banks takes another taste of that ass, then plunges his piece back in till he heaves a hefty load right in the dude’s delicious backdoor. He steps back to admire the magnificent money shot, then finger fucks the tasty treat right up the twink’s tight tailpipe.


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