July 12, 2024

Sweet Talk

Two of the HOTTEST guys on our roster, Alex Riley, and Tyler Sweet are hangin’ at the Helix mansion, reminiscing about a scalding threeway session, and some super hot spanking. Naturally, the devilishly good, dirty talk sets the boy’s bones ablaze, and they end up naked, knockin’ back boners like a couple college guys at a kegger. After drinking their fill in dick, Alex tosses Tyler’s legs in the air and takes taste of that world class ass. He hikes the hot hind end in the air, giving us a perfect view of pretty boy’s perfect little, pink pucker. Then, he works Sweet’s beautiful back seat with a cock stiffening combo of tongue, and thick, thrusty fingers. Next, the bronze skinned seat crusher crams his cock deep in the dude’s can. He glides his entire girth in, not stopping till his balls smack that beautiful booty. Then, he cranks up the heat. Riley rams that rump raunchy, railing the boy’s backroad with bionic bone thrusts on his back, side, and all fours; before, Tyler tells him he wants a ride on that raging rig. Sweet sits his tight, muscular twunk trunk on his top’s tripod, then rides Riley’s beast like a bucking bull. Alex hammers the boy’s bum down even harder with a little love choke, which sends Sweet over the edge. He grabs his hard dick and douses Alex with an explosive load, that nails the caramel colored cocksmith right in the face! The rest of his cream covers Riley’s ripped torso right down the middle. The titanic batch shoots a sizzling sensation to sack; and, Alex splatters their crotches with another fresh flood of cum.


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