July 12, 2024


Fresh faced Hayden Lee is feelin’ frisky; but, he isn’t old enough to get into the club with buddies, Ashton Summers, Aiden Garcia, and Andy Taylor. So, the naughty newbie entices his thick dicked buddies back to his hotel with a bubble filled bath, that fits four! The fuck hungry foursome get wet, and wild, slurping down a super sized smorgasbord of dick and ass in anticipation of the main event. Super stud, Ashton Summers seizes the moment. He puts his Puerto Rican pound power to work, bending the three twinks over, and punishing their perfect young puckers till they plead for more. After receiving a grade A pounding, Garcia helps the hot hunk out, hammering the young hottie’s horny holes along side his beautiful buddy. Next, Andy and Ashton put their porn star pieces together and give Garcia a challenge. Never one to shy away from an epic, ass stretching experience, Aiden antes up, and sits that hungry hole down on both dicks! Not to be out done, Andy gets that ass stretched by Aiden and Ashton’s ample appendages next! Summers gives him the reach around till he busts, coating his caramel colored torso with pure, white hot pleasure. But, our boy isn’t done, not by a long shot! He stuffs Summers’ pulsing piece in his mouth and goes to town! Thick dicked duo Ashton, and Aiden then lay into Lee, hitting it hard, till they both loose their loads in the boy’s bum. The freshly fucked freshman pushes the juicy jock jizz out like a pro. It oozes down his tan can, and glazes his gorgeous gape. Then, our newest boy busts, flooding Aiden’s chest with fresh cum.


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