July 12, 2024

#Helix: Jared Scott and Aiden Garcia

After a hottie hiatus, fan fav Jared Scott makes a porn perfect return with Aiden Garcia in this exciting edition of #Helix! The boys answer all your questions from Twitter; and, nothing is off limits! The pretty pair hold nothing back, answering with cock stiffening candor. The deep dive drives the pretty pair to porntastic heights as we move into the request round. Anxious to please their fuck hungry fans, the guys give their all, acting out every erotic request from seat smacking spanks, to naughty neck licks. After their fan requests get them going, the guys go OFF, choking down dick, and licking hole with horny hunger! Going the extra, meat smashing mile for his first time back in a bit, Scott saddles up to Aiden’s ass and goes HARD.plowing the pretty boy’s back door, with thick, dick drilling strokes. After dicking the dude doggy, Scott sits back, allowing Aiden to take a seat splitting, raw ride. Jared uses his thick, tree trunk legs to muscle Garcia onto his back. Then, he pile drives the dude with dick till he fills him with nut. Scott eases his emptied appendage out of Aiden’s incredible ass, bringing a big loaf of boy bust with it. The thick spunk spills out of Garcia’s gorgeous gape, until Scott slams his dick back in deep. The hot heat warms Aiden’s ass, and catapults cum from the tip of his cock. The sweet treat flows over the lusty Latin’s flawless flesh, as the tantric twosome tangle tongues once more.


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