April 18, 2024

Uncut Twinks

Milo Harper and his massive meat bring out the beast in newbie, Nathan James! After a bone stiffening, boy kiss, Nathan gets naughty on his knees, taking Harper’s extra huge hog down the back of his thirsty throat. Anxious to taste James’ jock, Harper manhandles the midnight haired hottie over to the bed, where he pantses the pretty boy, then fills his mouth with the dude’s uncut dick.

But, our boy is just getting started! He grabs hold of Nathan’s hips, then tugs the twink’s tight tush closer toward him; then, he tosses the lad’s legs in the air, and eats that ass like an animal! With his hole horned up good, James straddles Milo’s massive member, then slides all the way down on that D. He rocks his hips hard enough to make the bed squeal like a first time bottom, before trading topping duties with a super horny Harper. Milo takes it on all fours, while his incredible cock sways, casting a swinging schlong-super shadow beneath the beautiful boy- butt fuckers.

Then, Harper flips onto his back, and James jimmys his jock back in to finish what he started. Harper beats his meat in time with Nathan’s thick dick thrusts. His strokes speed up, faster and faster till he floods his smooth, olive skin with raging ropes of white hot nut! Naughty boy Nathan soon follows, spewing Harper with orgasmic heat, which adds to the incredible load already covering his caramel complexion.

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