April 18, 2024


Wrapped in a porntastic, passionate embrace, Corbin Colby and Zach Letoa breath one another in. Corbin traces the twink’s tattoo, and teases his nipples as Letoa lays hands on the jock’s giant cock, and their clothes hit the floor. Then, in a schlong stiffening move, Colby picks Zach up in the air, and places the pretty boy on the bed, right where he wants him.

Zach flirts with Corbin’s cock through his white drawers, licking the bulging beast till the fabric turns transparent, and the outline of that delicious dick tempts him to take a real taste. Letoa releases Colby’s king pin from it’s pouch, then lays a super hero suck job onto the dude’s dick, while Corbin caresses Zach’s bulging bone. Then, the hot hunk motions for Zach to straddle his face; and, the hog hungry cock king receives a rod ramming face fuck. He spices it up by basting the boy’s balls, and a few schlong smacks to that handsome face of his.

Next, he works his tongue towards Letoa’s incredibly lickable butt, before turning the twink on his back, and REALLY laying a licking down on that donk. Once Letoa is lubricated, Colby cranks cock into his can full force! He beats that beautiful booty UP, with Zach on his back. Then Letoa takes a ride on his rig. Corbin let’s him control the first part of the raw ride; then, he takes over, holding the lad’s legs up high, and hammering hog up into that hot hind end, hard! Then, Colby presses his hunky frame up off the bed, and maneuvers Zach onto all fours for the hard hitting, big dick fuck of his life!

Corbin mounts the curly haired cutie, and crams cock into his horny hole till Letoa launches a lusty loss all over the still bouncing bed! The cock crazed bottom spins around, and plants his pretty face at his top’s throbbing, thick dick. Colby jacks his giant jock, till it jets jizz all over the lil’ fella’s fine face. Thirsty for more, Letoa lays a cum soaked, deep throat thrusting down on Colby’s cream coated cock, beforeThe boy’s end in a cum covered kiss.

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