June 23, 2024

Miles Pike Solo Session

Miles Pike, and his mile long piece are the sultry subject in this hot-stroking two hander! For fans of Pike, and there are many, we get to see his adorably cute, pervy personality shine like never before in a one on one with Max Carter as he talks about his Vegas nights working in a sex toy shop! As you can imagine, his nights are pretty colorful, and the cutie wastes no time talking about his favorite toy. The bone stiffening, back and forth continues, and Pike gets playful with talk about his MANY, favorite types of guy, best position to get fucked, and Amsterdam being his favorite city, because prostitution is both legal, and well regulated! Atta’ boy, Miles!

Excited to see Pike’s prized piece, Carter has the lil’ hottie strip down to his drawers, lending a curiously, caressing hand every step of the way. With all the delicious, dirty talk, Pike is rock hard hard already, and pitching a sky high text Max enjoys flicking down to hear that sexy smack against his smooth, tight, stomach. Masturbation maestro Max has the twink strip out of those overstuffed boxer briefs, and immediately puts his hot, hand job skills to work. Next, he orders the oversized appendage having hottie to show off that ass. Pike is bent over the back of the chair in a nanosecond, and Carter can’t resist spanking that sweet ass, and fingering the fuck star’s smooth, pink hole.

After taking care of that tight tush, Max concentrates on that colossal cock, tag teaming the teen’s y’all boy with Pike, as the dynamic duo trade off between BOTH of Pink’s pleasure centers. Carter stands back for a sec, as multitasker Miles handles his own big business, and hungry hole with his talented hands. Noticing the boy is close to busting, Carter doesn’t leave Pike’s piece alone too long, sliding in with perfect timing to bring this epic stroke sesh to cum shooting, completion.

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