April 18, 2024

Chris Peyton Solo Session

Newcomer, Chris Peyton sizzles in front of a blazing hot fire, flirting with the camera as he puts on one hell of a hot, solo stroke show! Looking like a long, lean track star, the trim teen tempts and teases, eye fucking the camera while showing smoldering slivers of smooth, fine flesh. He strips off his tank top, shoots us those delicious dimples, rubs his sultry six pack, then plays with the growing package in his pants, before getting comfortable in his overflowing Calvin’s. His king sized cock takes up the entire pouch, making it stretch away from his crotch, until he lets the rocked up rod out with an audibles, erotic flop. His uncut cock is curved ever so slightly, perfect for hittin’ your hot spot, and Peyton knows just how to manhandle his manhood. He strokes his stiff staff, burning hotter, and brighter than the flickering fire behind him. Then, the show boy stands, shaking his swollen shaft side to side. His big beast bangs against his track star like thighs with hypnotic hotness. Now that Peyton’s has us in the palm of his hand, (so to speak) he palms his pulsing piece as well, which is ready to blow at any second! The big, uncut rig rips out a roaring rope of spunk that splatters sky high, and clear out of screen, splashing back down right on that thick dick. He breaths heavily, milking the rest of his rod’s raw wrath out onto that tight stomach for a finish deserving of an ovation. Blazing hot!

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