April 18, 2024

Heavy Cream

Jamie Ray and Miles Pike are hot and heavy from the sexy second they appear on screen, tossing tongue down one another’s throat and pulling at each other’s clothes like wild beasts ready to bang! Miles gets he’s big boned boy on the bed and kneels before his epic appendage, pulls his underpants down and deep throats that dong deliciously. Jamie is anxious to get at Pike’s porn star sized piece as well; so, he slides off the bed and multitasks the twink’s tall totem pole with this hand and a thirsty throat. Ray is quite the rod warrior; but, even HE has trouble deep throating THIS dude’s epic dong! However, he SURE does give it his best shot; besides, everyone knows anything good is worth fighting for. And, this guy’s girthy groin is gorgeous and definitely worthy of the deep throat challenge. Pike’s hunger for hole is harping on him so, he dives into Jamie’s junky trunk tongue first. The bubble bootied boy moans in absolute ecstasy as Pike tongue punches his tight, little pucker. Juicy Jamie is and ready to move on to more massive booty duties. So, the lil’ dude gets on all fours and Miles dirty dogs him DOWN! Their cock cramming chemistry is crazy hot and Jamie can’t keep his hands off his own huge hog while getting hammered in this position. The porntastic piston pumper flips pretty boy over and goes at that hole even harder while gazing at Jamie’s angelic face and fuck stick. Bottom boy can’t hold his rager down much longer and milks that monster till it blows! The boys have been in sexual sync the entire scene and this climactic cum heavy crescendo keeps it that way. Pike pulls out and absolutely HOSES the hottie down with one of the biggest loads we’ve seen in ages! He just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming and, MUST’VE been saving this super sized spunk dump for days!


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