July 12, 2024

Practice Makes Perfect

Eighteen year old North Carolina cutie, Jack Phillips just arrived in Vegas to film with tight bodied twink Taylor Colman. The chemistry is electric the moment Phillips cums tumbling into Taylor’s room, luggage and all. Little does he know, he’s about to get packed and stuffed like luggage as well! The guys aren’t scheduled to film just yet; so, they take this time to get to know one another inside and out the moment that bedroom door closes. After a mouth watering make out sesh, Jack heads south to inspect his new scene partner’s perfect piece. The fresh faced country boy with the king sized cock chokes down every inch of Colman’s long John, making sure to give a gagging good first impression. Taylor returns the favor, opening up his pretty mouth and giving Jack’s jock a juicy, wet welcome. Taylor is hungry for hog and he gives his gorgeously smooth back seat to his new buddy’s big bone bareback while bent over the bed, ass arched in the air and open for big business. The beautiful strangers switch it up and Phillips takes a raw ride on Taylor’s tall boy; after all, their film date is quickly approaching and porn practice makes perfect! Since it is Colman’s room, he brings this bareback butt banger home with a hard hitting, hind end, prostate pummeling to pretty boy’s perfect posterior. Our confident cock slinger’s slam banging hard work pays off in spades when he soaks his sexy new scene partner with a porny plethora of salty seed.


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