July 12, 2024

Heat Things Up

Parker Grant, and Ashton Summers smolder in front of a raging hot fire, sparking flames of desire between the two. The gorgeous guys loose themselves in the erotic ambience, cozying up with flirty conversation, which touches on pretty boy Parker’s dance training. Excited to see just how flexible the fine fucker is, Ashton initiates the first kiss, pulling Parker into his exotic orbit. Summers unzips his pants. Grant takes the hint, and licks that thick, latin dick like a hungry demon.

After his meaty meal, Grant receives his cock sucking comeuppance from Summers’ thirsty throat. Excited to taste that trained dancer’s derrire, Ashton lays the long legged lad down, then buried his beautiful face in his fuck hole. Horny as hell, Parker’s pretty pink pucker opens up into a gorgeous gape, which Ashton expertly puts on display between tasty tongue thrusts.

With that horned up hole beaconing his big beast for a beating, Summers smashes his hug hog deep inside. After working the boy over on his back, Ashton flips his fuck buddy onto all fours, and without missing a beat, continues filling him with fuck. Then, Summers smacks him on the ass, and orders Parker onto his lusty latin hot rod for a ride. The fire snaps and sizzles as Grant moans, grinding his hips to bury Ashton’s dick deeper and deeper. Next, the tight bodied top flips Grant onto his back once more, for a good look at that gorgeous gape.

He slips his cock all the way in and out, admiring the boy’s beautifully open ass hole. Then he hammers him HARD, drilling deep till his huge hard on heaves heavy cream onto Grant’s gonads, taint, and well worked hole. Next, Summers scoops up some seeping seed with his succulent cock head, and plunges his pulsing pole back in, balls deep.

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